Govt. License No: 613/062/063
Company Registration No: 39081/062/063

About us

Meridian Overseas (P) Ltd. is very well organized and properly oriented in manpower export trade. Facilities have been very carefully built up and consolidated for mobilization of unskilled workers. The organization is considered as one of most dependable and efficient manpower agencies in Nepal.

In the days of globalization most of the managements practice outsourcing of the human resource because of less cost and time. And in context of Nepalese workers, they are regarded as honest and hard working human resources, with nominal cost and time. Therefore, it will be the innovation in the field of outsourcing in South Asia and also grow the mutual relationship between two companies and countries.

Since the foundation of the organization, our essential ingredient of overall principle has been to strive for excellence. The high regards in which we are held today bears testimony to the measure of success, we have been able to achieve.

  • To our clients: We strive to provide value added services to help them realize their respective goals through recruitment of best available human resources. We conduct ourselves with professionalism, integrity and dependability in ensuring ideal solution to fulfill clients' requirements. Total clients satisfaction is the comerstone of our services philosophy.
  • To the recruits: We aim to provide the workers with an outstanding service by providing access to the best possible job opportunities overseas.
  • To our employees: We endeavour to provide a working environment that promotes teamwork and tewards individual contribution to the overall business growth plans.
Ever aware of the competitive manpower recruitment industry, Meridian Overseas (P) Ltd. has achieved considerable success in providing its clients with Nepalese manpower that are known to possess the filling qualities.
  • High standard of professional competence and willing to gather technical knowledge.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.
  • Excellent work ethics with a mindset to contribute more than what is expected.
  • Imbued with a long-term career outlook with companies that recognize efficiency, performance and productivity.

Possess a strong will to excel and succeed.

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